About Ian

DSCF0049 b&w + hard mix
It has been predicted all tigers may become extinct in the wild within the next decade. Poaching, habitat loss and fragmentation have reduced the global population of tigers from over 100,000 in the 1900′s, to less than 4,000 now (WWF)

Perhaps the human race doesn’t care as it doesn’t see what tigers contribute to the world at large?

Artist’s Statement

“When painting, I create abstract art from instinct and rarely know what the final painting will look… I blend a lifetime of photography experience with a lively paint palette but have very little patience so my preferred paint is acrylic that dry quickly and allow me to move from one layer to the next.” 

My photographic work is about seeing what others don’t and includes artistic close up macro images. Portraits and weddings are no longer my scene.

When it comes to landscape photography, I see colour and vibrancy in cityscapes and architectural compositions… the black and white print called ‘Moody London’ is one of my current favourites.


Ian was born in South-East London and feels he was born just 3 or 4 years too late to fully appreciate the ’60s.

He started his photographic life at the age of 10 years with a small plastic ‘toy like’ camera and learned his trade through experience rather than qualifications.

He is also a self taught abstract artist who only recently started painting which came as a great surprise when he realised this specific talent.