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At the age of 10 years at a jumble sale (now called boot fairs), I purchased a plastic ‘toy-like’ camera with an external wire frame for a view finder. The process of discovering how to use it set me off on a lifetime of amateur and professional photography.

I learned how to develop my own black and white film at my high school’s photography club and found the isolation of the dark room and technicalities of chemical blends and timings to be ideally suited to my slightly autistic personality; although I didn’t realise this until very recently.

My photography was always with me and, although I hate crowds, I enjoy photographing people as it seems to take me out of myself. So in 1987 we took a lifestyle changing decision to relocate from Kent to the beautiful Lancastrian moors to start a portrait studio. I couldn’t have been more happy doing what I love; a life lesson I hear time and time again from others who are doing the same.

The next 12 years was an apprenticeship in producing high quality portraits in different styles and more importantly, portraits that sell. It was a business after all.

In 2000 we had to move back to Kent following the untimely passing of my father. We moved to be closer to my mother and my wife’s elderly parents. Our income had to increase dramatically to cover the higher costs of living in the south-east so the portrait business had to close on our move and so I was an amateur again.

Over the next 18 years I enjoyed a career in home and kitchen design and installation which kept my creative skills alive. However, during this time digital photography and processing had taken over from film. With a mobile phone in everyone’s hand, the value of professional photography has been somewhat diminished.

Since I retired a few years ago I have been exploring the intricacies of digital photography and abstract imagery. My new career as a Fine Art Photographer encompasses all the photographic, interior design and business skills I have developed during my working life.

My work is predominately geared toward adding digital fine art imagery, plus a hint of a story, to my original fine art photography.

from 1987

Studio & Location Portraits

to 1999