About Ian – the Artist

Artist’s Statement

“When painting, I create abstract art from instinct and rarely know what the final painting will look… I blend a lifetime of photographic experience with a lively paint palette but have very little patience so my preferred paint is acrylic that dries quickly that allows me to move from one layer to the next.”

I have a keen interest in bringing a splash of colour and décor to different rooms in houses and that is why I only offer large wall prints on canvas. The texture of the canvas bring an essence of luxury to a space on a blank wall and a discussion point when entertaining visitors.

I still love my photographic work. In these days when everyone is a photographer, I have learned more than ever that it is not the equipment you use, it’s what you do with it. On many occasions, I am pointing my camera in the opposite direction to where the crowd is capturing the same view as all others.

That is one piece of advice I would give budding photographers, find a view that others are not seeing.


Ian was born in South-East London and feels he was born just 3 or 4 years too late to fully appreciate the vibrant and creative 1960s.

He started his photographic life at the age of 10 years with a small plastic ‘toy like’ camera and learned his trade through experience rather than qualifications.

He is also a self taught abstract artist who only recently started painting with acrylic on canvas which came as a great surprise when he realised this specific talent.

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